Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12 - Remember Review

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  1. hey man, your GF is out of control on your pages, today you lost a 6 year subscriber, over simply saying that your gf is posting low quality videos to your social media accounts. it was flooding my wall with content i had no care about, far outside of the spectrum of your videos. and like i said before they are also MUCH lower quality than your videos. for sharing this opinion, i was blocked from your facebook page (where i interacted with other TC2 fans, as well as your google plus, with my comments being deleted). when i was blocked from your google+ page i got an email from jess's google+ page calling me a bully and telling me i was blocked saying ti was from you. if it was then it was w/e i guess. but you've always been super nice with fans, always seemed like a reasonable guy, and ive watched your videos for a VERY long time, usually predictions, discussion and q and a vids. ive recommended your channel to countless friends over the years and its to the point my GF knows right after the walking dead im usually going to hear "hey guys its me trev back again to bring you another video" as of now, im not going to listen to that again. i was treated very unfairly, very immaturely, and very rudely for simply stating an opinion. honestly after today i unsubscribed, and any video i previously liked before i took the time to unlike. hopefully this is all just a misunderstanding, i hope it is. -Peace mike