Trevschan2 Donations

Trevschan2 Donation Page

Alright what's going on guys it's Trev back again here to bring you another video.  I hope you guys have been enjoying the videos as of late.  I wanted to set up a page that will allow people to chip in and help support the Youtube channel with the daily videos.  I am considering starting up a gaming channel but would need some help to do so. So if you can spare it and would like to help me out please feel free to make a donation.

 Also if you want to submit a video topic for me to do as part of the donation please feel free.  I will try to make videos for all donations that are above $20. After you've made a donation please send me a private message on youtube of the amount in which you donated and the video you would like for me to create for you. Here is the link to send me a private message:

Youtube PM Me

 That will of course depend though on the video idea and also the amount of requests I get as I can only produce about 10 videos per week.  Thanks a lot for  following the channel guys and thanks for the support!


  1. I'm not able to donate at the moment but I think I should be able to contribute. You're awesome by the way.

    1. add me on skype please cg2thebest

  2. Would a gaming channel take away time from Trevschan2? It seems that nowadays every YouTuber makes gaming channels, but the quality and quantity of the original channel(s) goes down.

  3. I like your videos & would be happy to donate if you could make one showcasing my original artwork & directing people to my channel. Take a look at some of the Walking Dead stuff that I've drawn as I'd also be willing to send you some signed prints of my work & maybe you could do an unboxing video. Anyway, my channel is JimsNerdNation & you can easily see my artwork on my Facebook fanpage at Jims Nerd Nation. Just let me know when you get a chance.


  4. Hey Trevor,

    My name is Elizabeth and I run Business Development for TeePublic and really like what you guys are doing with your you tube channel! TeePublic was founded by the same team as Busted Tees, CollegeHumor and Vimeo.

    I have an idea about how we might be able to work together to set you up with a merch program and I'm reaching out to see if I could pick your brain about it. We are open to discussing ad sponsorship as well.

    I know you do a lot of features on Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and we have thousands of awesome shirts for both shows (some cool mashups of them as well).

    Check out all of our Walking Dead and Game of Thrones shirts!

    Would love to briefly connect with you in the coming week if you are available. Let me know when might be a good to for us to chat.

    Thanks so much and looking forward,