Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 - Strangers Review

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  1. Yo Trev, first off I just wanted to thank you for sharing you're knowledge and insight with everyone here. I myself have read most of the comics and absolutely love the character to story mix and matches they've been doing. Hershel going out by way of the samurai rather then Tyrese was just perfect, he rightfully earned a departure of that magnitude. If you have a few moments I would really like to get your thoughts on a few things. First off, do you think Eugene's story in the show will be similar to that of the comics ? Only reason I ask is because I'm almost positive he doesn't have his walkie-talkie anymore. I can't imagine the people at Terminus would have let him take it in the train car and he obviously didn't have time to grab it when they were escaping. I'm thinking there gonna change up his story arc quite a bit. 2nd, which character do you think is gonna get taken to the batting cage with Lucille ? I don't think it's gonna be Glenn. This is gonna be a devastating execution similar to Hershels. I'm thinking if they were ever gonna kill off Daryl, that would be the perfect way to do it. 3rd I'm just gonna call it, I think Rick and Michonne are gonna hook up. Lord knows she'll be a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better mother then Lori lol. And lastly who do you think will be playing Negan and when will we see him by ? BTW Maggie asks Daryl about Beth in the opening scene in episode one. He tells her a black car with a white cross took her. Maggie says "so she's alive ?" Dude, would love to shoot the shit with you one some day man, and awesome call on carol in the crowd of zombies in the season premier trailer lol I don't know how you noticed that but good eye lol.